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P-32 CHROMA tweezer tongs


P-32 CHROMA tweezer tongs
33 cm

Dozens of uses come to mind for the P-32 CHROMA kitchen tongs.

Classic applications include turning over food that is cooking in the frying-pan, and sorting and decorating fine foods on the plate with pinpoint accuracy.

Once you have begun to use our kitchen tongs in your kitchen, you won’t want to neglect using the P-32 for other purposes. Whenever it’s too hot or too cold to touch something, too fatty, too unpleasant or unhygienic, you can use this insensitive extension of your hand.

Anyone who has burned their fingers when taking a hot coffee pod out of the machine will love the tongs. If you want to remove a piece of eggshell from the frying-pan or pick a noodle out of hot water to check it, you can use these tongs.

 These professional kitchen tongs are indispensable for the amateur and for the professional chef. 

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