Haiku Home

The best selling knife-line in Japan

CHROMA haiku home


HH-01 Santoku, Japanese Chef's Knife, 17.5 cm
HH-02 Gyuto, Chef's Knife, 18.5 cm
HH-03 Deba, Fish Knife, 16.5 cm
HH-04 Sashimi, Fish Knife, 21.5 cm
HH-05 Nagiri, Vegetable Knife, 17.5 cm
HH-06 Pankiri, Bread knife , 22 cm
HH-07 Whetstone with Holder, Grade: 80

HAIKU Home - The sharp cut made affordable

Haiku home is an affordable high-quality knife designed with the occasional cook or the tight budget in mind.

How do Haiku home knives differ from the original Haiku knives with the falcon?

The blade of Haiku home knives is made from a less expensive and thinner material, which means it loses its sharpness more quickly and requires more time to sharpen.

HAIKU home is distributed worldwide by CHROMA France

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