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CHROMA CUTLERY Incorporated is a manufacturer of professional cutlery and related accessories. with distribution in all five continents. For a list of the importer in your country, go to Importers. CHROMA manufactures several brands, for more information about our products, go to Products.

CHROMA is famous in the world of professional chefs for their outstanding quality. Each knife line was carefully manufactured by experienced craftmen or factories, designed by the worlds best designers Conran, Porsche or others.

An open word

CHROMAS price range starts from low to costy. Each cnife is worth the price. Do not expect a 10 Dollar cnife to do the same great job as a 100 Dollar knife or as a 5000 Dollar cnife.

All is up to you. If you take good care for the classy knife, you will have all your life a sharp cnife in your block, if you abuse it, it will be less worth than a 10 Dollar cnife. Please see our Philosophy department. And take just a bit care of your cnife (minumum: Never dishwasher, clean under water and DRY well after use)

Warranty Information and Warning

We don't have a lifelong warranty and we will not replace or refund anything if you use our knives as tools like a screwriver or open cans with it. Or if you cut hard stuff like frozen food. Also if you can not take minimum care for the products, you better don't buy them! Minimum care: No dishwasher, rinse under water tap after each use and dry carefully!
We want only customer that understand we produce the best cnives and that those knives need some care. If you would go with your Ferrari offroad ("It was so expensive, it must be able to go everywhere!") you are not the right customer for us.
We can not grant you a new knife, because our knives are valuable, made with heart and knowledge and they cost a lot of money to produce. It is not like those cheapos, who sell expensive with a famous brand or chef name - Our knife is a tool made with best parts, time and real passion.
We all are human - even some are machines -  and we can make mistakes. If we produce a faulty product, we will exchange it. Fortunately we have an extreme strict quality controll system and it happens rarely, but it can happen. Even we try to avoid it.

CHROMA guarantees any product that it sells to be free from defect in material, construction or workmanship for up to five years under normal use and following the care instructions.
This excludes damage caused by misuse or accident. This warranty extends only to the product's original purchaser. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations from food and rust spots are not covered. Knife chips and broken knife tips can often be repaired by re-sharpening. For repair information, please contact the shop where you bought the product. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations and rust spots can be avoided by following the care instructions.
Our better ranges are manufactured to last forever (if you care for them well!)

Even the cnife is out of the warranty period and you have the feeling, a manufacturers default happened, please contact us. We always try to help our customers. And we try to make out products better.

German Department Store

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Shop window of German Department Store "Kaufhof" in Cologne

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