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Spice Cutter

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The professional spice cutter, the universal spice tool
not just for avant-garde cuisine: CHROMA ProCuTe Spice Cutter

In order for you to judge for yourself, and to decide on what about this utensil makes you most proud, its most important features are listed and explained here.
Like all Chroma Series spice cutter, the Kitchen is equipped with ProCuTe Titanium Cutting Gear, the latest top-of-the-line cutting mechanism.
The cutter is a completely new development based on proven classic design principles for metal grinders.
This cutter combines, in excellent fashion, the advantages of both metal and ceramic grinders and achieves an extreme fineness of grind that leaves nothing to be desired.
The geometry of the two cutter components has been honed to perfection on the basis of long years of experience, especially as regards the finest of powder formation during cut-grinding, without ignoring the full grind range, from fine to coarse.
Only a metal cutter can achieve this degree of keenness and fineness.
Titanium is the perfect candidate as a material, despite its extremely high price, because it is neutral to the taste, does not rust, combats allergens and is biocompatible.
Titanium's lower hardness is negligible compared to pure hardened steel or ceramics if what is desired, as is the case with the CHROMA ProCuTe Titanium Cutter, is to guarantee optimal form, high-precision workmanship and an exact fit (installation position), as well as to achieve a self-sharpening effect.
Specially designed for switching fillings, Kitchen is a new kind of spice mill, the embodiment of a unique kitchen tool because of its open and handy design and its detachable receptacle.
Using Kitchen, all dry materials can be ground extremely finely, no matter whether as one individual herb or as a mixture.
Fresh material is put in and ground only in the amounts needed, and what is left over can then, ideally, be stored.
You can pre-grind onto your food without the receptacle or, with the receptacle mounted, you can pre-grind any particular amount or any mixed spice and then remove it either in measured amounts or in full.
For dessert cuisine, there are myriad new possibilities. Different kinds of sugar or mixtures of, say, coffee, pepper and sugar can be ground in fine powder form or directly onto the plate through stencils.

Kitchen can be cleaned and maintained with standard commercially available cleaning agents.
Scouring and abrasive agents and utensils should not be used, or the surface will scratch and be unsightly.

Important instructions for use with mixed spices and with material that is difficult to grind:
Larger quantities of all slightly damp grains, seeds or spices can be ground only conditionally. All conical grinders stick after a while and get clogged.
Of course, with our titanium cutter this tends to happen less often but does occur after a while, just the same.
To keep constantly filling a mill with slightly damp material and then grinding some out doesn't work, because after just a few turns a kind of paste forms between the core of the grinding mechanism and the ring. This then slowly dries out and can lead to complete jamming, and it can then be removed only by disassembling and cleaning thoroughly. With most mills, this just can't be done, or only with great manual dexterity.
The only practical solution is Kitchen, which was specially designed for switching fillings and can be completely disassembled without tools or special skills and cleaned thoroughly with a brush.
Slightly damp and greasy spices should always only be ground in small quantities using a setting that is not too fine, as bits of herbs naturally settle into the cogs of the cutting mechanism and sometimes get so stuck that it won't work. To counteract this regularly occurring problem, you need a few little tricks and a fine touch.

Granted, this doesn't sound quite as if we were talking about a professional spice mill, but the alternative would be: "It just doesn't work!"
But since we believe that to say "It just doesn't work" is only to resign yourself to it, we have tried to optimize all parameters that make up a really professional spice mill that as far as possible can be used anywhere, in such a way that not only the usual 'grindable' spices can be processed.
Please note:
- Spices should be as dry as possible and no larger than small coffee beans. Reduce the size first if necessary.
- Do not fill with more material than you need and never grind your Kitchen until empty.
- Filling with a mix of difficult materials (e.g. seeds and fresh grain) gets better results if you add coarse salt.
- The grind should be set before filling and at a medium fineness or perhaps coarser.
To do this, take hold of the adjusting nut and turn it clockwise as far as the end stop; then turn at least one complete revolution counter-clockwise.
It is important to be sure that the core of the cutting mechanism has released and the cutting mechanism has opened.
This is achieved by turning the crank briefly once in each direction of rotation. With new mills in particular, these problems can arise because all fits and guides still snag somewhat. This will diminish and get noticeably better through frequent use.
The same is true of the interplay between the two cutter assembly components, cutter ring and cutter core, which bed in over time, and even become sharper and thus grind progressively softer and better. Abrasion generally does not take place in the course of this since titanium rubs against titanium and thus a flow displacement takes place.
Furthermore, any titanium abrasion particles would be very small and of no concern physiologically, or as regards taste and "bite".
Too fine a grind setting causes jamming of the milling mechanism. Be sure not to continue grinding, empty the mill and fill with a little coarse dry salt.
After several revolutions the salt should loosen the jams and after refilling with spice, grinding can resume.
Alternatively you can first fill the mill with some coarse dry salt and grind it through completely. Then fill the spice in the required quantity and turn briskly. You can also alternate, filling with as much spice and salt as the mill is capable of grinding properly before jamming according to your previous experience with it. The use of dry rice before and between grinding can also lead to good results, especially if you don't want any salty aftertaste.
If the jam still doesn't loosen, the cutting mechanism must be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and dried.
After use, Kitchen should always be completely emptied and cleaned as thoroughly as possible to prevent stubborn deposits and always have a tool that's ready to use, so that the next grindings also run taste-perfect.

As already mentioned, however, there are limits that can be sensibly overstepped only with good will, tact, a love of experimentation and, above all, patience.
How best to handle Kitchen has to be learned, but can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Lord knows, even a good kitchen knife doesn't cut by itself and not at all in the long run! However, you don't have to spend your life sharpening Kitchen. To love and to cherish is what's needed.

True to the motto "Sweet or spicy, as required", you can give your fantasy free rein and try all imaginable mixes and grind settings, and then perhaps you will also find that a mix of coffee, pepper and sugar, not just boring strawberries, lends a special flavor.

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CHROMA ProCuTe Titanium Cutter

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