Chroma's Cutting Philosophy

Care and proper use of a high-quality knife is always essential to maintain the best cutting edge and to insure the highest possible degree of safety when using. After all, a dull knife is a dangerous knife. Resharpen your cnife before it is dull!

The more pressure required to cut with a knife the greater chance of an accident occurring while it is being used! Sharper knives are saver!

Step 1. sharp01 Step 1. Always hold knife's edge at 15-20 degree angle when sharpening. An optional attachable 'sharpening guide' can be used as shown. It is helpful in the beginning to understand th eright angle. It will not be needed later anymore.

Step 2.

Step 2. Hold the knife's handle firmly in your right hand. Guide the knife's edge away from your body with your left hand while pressing down gently on the stone. Maintain a regular motion at all times. 

Not the stone will sharpen you knife, the dirty foam is it. It is he same principle like handwashing with a soap.

Step 3.
Step 3. Turn the blade so that the other side of the edge faces upwards. This time be sure to lead the knife very lightly over the stone's surface using the tips of your fingers.
STONE03It is very important to maintain a sharp edge on your Chroma cnife. This helps insure safety, and the best and easiet cut. 

From time to time your cnife will need to be sharpened at home. It is very important to note that a metal steel should never be used when sharpened your Chroma Cutlery cnives. It will damage the fine edge.

For best results use our CHROMA ceramic sharpening stones. It is not neccessary to buy many stones, a one good stone with grade 800 - 1000 will be already superb.      

Proper care of a knife is at the basis of Chroma's "cutting philosophy." Our knives should never be put in the dishwasher. Wash them in warm water and dry them by hand after every use. Don't let food stay on the blade!
Only cut food stuff, but not Frozen Food, bones or similiar hard stuff.
Do not use the CHROM cnife as screwdriver or garden tool.


Storage is another important point. We recommend the "Type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche" or the "Step-by-Step" knifeblock. Not storing them properly results in an edge that dulls faster, and could also be a potential danger to you or your family.

If you CHROMA cnife falls, it might brake. We harden most of our cnives very high to keep the edge sharp longer. But that makes the cnife fragile. So don't drop it and use it only for cutting jobs in the kitchen. They are not universal tools!
You would not go with your Lambo in the forest, but you would with Land Rover.

If you do not like to follow the upper advices, we strongly recommend you to buy cheap knives. The more expensive a knife is, the more fragile it will be. Cheap supermarket knives have no problems with dishwasher or abuse as a screwdriver. But they don't hold the sharpness - if there ever was one - very long and they are almost impossible to resharpen. Other steel and other manufacturing process' make it possible.


Caring for and proper use of your high-quality Chroma Cutlery knives insures the greatest enjoyment and safety for you and your family. Spend that extra time taking care of your knife so that is will be a trusty tool in your kitchen for lifetime to come, and we are sure you will not regret it.


DO NOT BUY CHROMA CNIVES IF YOU DON'T LIKE SHARP KNIVES! And if you are not taking a little bit of care.

Our Customer Martin wrote us: "Our janitor quickly borrowed my knife. Best regards from Sylt (Germany) from the butchery in Keitum"
Martin knows how to proper treat knives, so he did not even ask for warranty. Our nice customer wanted to help us with this bad example! He will bring the cnife to an experience sharpening service and get it back a bit smaller but he can use it again!

And in fact it is easy how to treat properly a good knife!

1) Only cut food (and do not use it for repair i.e., as the janitor did). Also don't cut hard stuff like bones or deep frozen materials. Would you go with your Ferrari into the woods?

2) Clean your cnife after using! Rinse under water and most important DRY it proper with a soft cloth. No dishwasher, no stay in the full sink overnight ... If you have a non stainless steel knife, oil it before your vacation (Put some regular food oil, i.e. olive, on a paper kitchen towel and massage it on the blade).

3) store proper! Use wooden knife block, magnetic wall holder (clip it off with the back, not with the edge). Drawer is NOT good. The blades you sharpen so careful should NOT touch other metal.

4) sharpen your cnives before they are dull - see above

With those four points you shall have for many, many years a good performance with your knives!


Warranty Information and Warning

We don't offer a lifelong warranty (whose life?) and we will not replace or refund anything if you abuse our knives as tools like a screwriver or open cans with it. Or if you cut hard stuff like frozen food. Also if you can not take minimum care for the products, you better don't buy them! Minimum care: No dishwasher, rinse under water tap after each use and dry carefully!
We want only customer that understand we produce the best cnives and that those cnives need some care. If you would go with your Ferrari offroad ("It was so expensive, it must be able to go everywhere!") you are not the right customer for us.
We can not grant you a new knife, because our knives are valuable, made with heart and knowledge and they cost a lot of money to produce. It is not like those cheapos, who sell expensive with a famous brand or chef name - Our knife is a tool made with best parts, time and real passion.

We all are human - even some are machines -  and we can make mistakes. If we produce a faulty product, we will exchange it. Fortunately we have an extreme strict quality controll system and it happens rarely, but it can happen. Even we try to avoid it.CHROMA CNIFE guarantees any product that it sells to be free from defect in material, construction or workmanship for up to five years under normal use and following the above care instructions.
This excludes damage caused by misuse or accident. This warranty extends only to the product's original purchaser. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations from food and rust spots are not covered. Knife chips and broken knife tips can often be repaired by re-sharpening. For repair information, please contact the shop where you bought the product. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations and rust spots can be avoided by following the care instructions.
Our better ranges are manufactured to last forever (if you care for them well!)

If you need to use your knife as screwdriver or to dig in your garden, please buy the cheapest knives in the store. The cheaper the knive, the less delicate it will be. (For me it would not be a pleasure to cut with!)

Even the cnife is out of the warranty period and you have the feeling, a manufacturers default happened, please contact us. We always try to help our customers. And we try to make out products better. Please contact the importer in your country.


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