Chroma's Cutting Philosophy

Care and proper use of a high-quality knife is always essential to maintain the best cutting edge and to insure the highest possible degree of safety when using. After all, a dull knife is a dangerous knife. Resharpen your cnife before it is dull!

The more pressure required to cut with a knife the greater chance of an accident occurring while it is being used! Sharper knives are saver!

Step 1. sharp01 Step 1. Always hold knife's edge at 15-20 degree angle when sharpening. An optional attachable 'sharpening guide' can be used as shown. It is helpful in the beginning to understand th eright angle. It will not be needed later anymore.

Step 2.

Step 2. Hold the knife's handle firmly in your right hand. Guide the knife's edge away from your body with your left hand while pressing down gently on the stone. Maintain a regular motion at all times. 

Not the stone will sharpen you knife, the dirty foam is it. It is he same principle like handwashing with a soap.

Step 3.
Step 3. Turn the blade so that the other side of the edge faces upwards. This time be sure to lead the knife very lightly over the stone's surface using the tips of your fingers.
STONE03It is very important to maintain a sharp edge on your Chroma cnife. This helps insure safety, and the best and easiet cut. 

From time to time your cnife will need to be sharpened at home. It is very important to note that a metal steel should never be used when sharpened your Chroma Cutlery cnives. It will damage the fine edge.

For best results use our CHROMA ceramic sharpening stones. It is not neccessary to buy many stones, a one good stone with grade 800 - 1000 will be already superb.      

Proper care of a knife is at the basis of Chroma's "cutting philosophy." Our knives should never be put in the dishwasher. Wash them in warm water and dry them by hand after every use. Don't let food stay on the blade!


Storage is another important point. We recommend the "Type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche" or the "Step-by-Step" knifeblock. Not storing them properly results in an edge that dulls faster, and could also be a potential danger to you or your family.


Caring for and proper use of your high-quality Chroma Cutlery knives insures the greatest enjoyment and safety for you and your family. Spend that extra time taking care of your knife so that is will be a trusty tool in your kitchen for lifetime to come, and we are sure you will not regret it.

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