Type 301 knife - hammered - Design by F.A. Porsche

The most important advantages for professional chefs is the ergonomic handle and the extreme sharpness. The cnife is incredibly comfortable and safe in your hand. Based on a centuries old blacksmith technique, CHROMA introduces a new series of the very popular type 301 cnives with a classic, hammered style to the market. In addition to the extraordinary look of the cnife, its non-stick nature is a major advantage of the hammered technique. Particularly in comparison to conventional blades, this feature is clearly noticeable. Because of the hammered dots a small air cushion remains between the blade and the food you cut. The food easily falls away from the blade. The CHROMA type 301, Design by F.A. Porsche, cnives are popular with many Michelin star chefs.

Care, sharpening and storage

  • please clean your cnife after each use by hand and dry
  • resharpening gets easier with a whetstone – we recommend a CHROMA whetstone, e.g. the ST-1000 or P-35
  • let your cnife never become blunt – please sharpen it before
  • please cut only on a wooden or plastic board, never on glass or stone
  • keep your cnife in a knife block or on a magnetic bar – kitchen drawer is a bad place

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