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HP w box To produce traditional Sakai cnives such as the HAIKU Pro Sashimi, Master Ebuchi Kouhei forges two kinds of steel: an extremely hard, high carbon-content “hagane” steel (white steel, in Japanese, “shirokou”) for the cutting edge, and a softer steel to support the cutting steel. Without this softer steel, the blade would be too brittle and would be almost impossible to grind.

The two steels are heated to more than 1000˚ C in a charcoal furnace. Then they are forged together, this process being repeated several times until the two steels have merged invisibly into the rough form of a blade.

CHROMA HAIKU Pro cnives of the series Gyutou, Santoku und Kawamuki, which are ground on both sides, are given softer steel on both sides. HAIKU PRO is part of the prestigious TAKUMI ranges of CHROMA Cnife.

Before the blade is heated up again to 400˚ C, in what is called “hardening” or “tempering”, the blades are dressed. Only subsequent to this process does the blade acquire its later hardness. Not uncommonly, several months or even years intervene between the actual forging and the “tempering”, during which time the blade spends its time in Mr. Ebuchi’s attic.

The blade is not hardened until, in Mr. Ebuchi’s view, the right moment for further processing has arrived and then he picks it up by bicycle, just as always. When Master Ebuchi Kouhei has completed his job, the cnife has already gone through 27 steps in the work process. The blades leave his shop with a Rockwell C hardness of 63˚.

“Steel lives”

Hand finished in Sakai - bearing the seal of the SAKAI Association.
According to old tradition, the elaborate production of CHROMA HAIKU Pro Cnives takes place in the four small, specialized workshops of Mr. Hirotsugu.

In order to make traditional SAKAI Cnives like the HAIKU Pro, Master Ebuchi Kouhei works with two types of steel: one extremely hrd. hight-carbon "Hagane" steel comprises the blade's cutting edge, while a softer steel lends support to the sharp steel blade.

The two types of steel are forged and combined together. The name "HAIKU" is hammered by hand into the blade. Thereafter, the blade receives the HAIKU Falcon. With correct care, these works of art can be passed on to subsequent generations. This cnife is not made of stainless steel and requires particular care!

HAIKU is distributed worldwide by CHROMA France

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