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KITCHEN TOOLS - Butcher Boards

Just as important as a good cnife is a high-quality cutting surface. Wooden cutting boards have proven themselves to be the optimum cutting surface. CHROMA's massive butcher boards made from bamboo boast the hardness required to keep your board's surface smooth and unmarred for the longest time possible. They are easy to clean and also easy on your cnife blades.

 The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system is a component of food hygiene regulation. The HACCP prescribes proper procedure for the food production industry. According to the HACCP, wooden cutting boards are prohibited, while synthetic boards are allowed. Nevertheless, the current debate exists of whether the HACCP's stance on cutting boards needs to be changed.

The disadvantage of synthetic cutting boards is that they can build up deep grooves which can become a collecting place for bacteria that are then not very easy to remove. Types of wood such as Pine, Oak, and Larch, unlike synthetic materials, possess an antibacterial effect, as investigations by the Federal Biological Institute for Agriculture and Forestry in Braunschweig and the German Institute for Food Technology in Quakenbrück have proven. (Source: Ökotest 2/2005)

In a report on TV's star chef Kolja Kleeberg, the BILD Newspaper wrote: The star chef swears by the use of wood in the kitchen. “The tannins in the wood kill bacteria. Plastic gets sliced full of grooves and then everything settles into them. And if you want to try a glass cutting board, you might as well sooner hop in the car and drive over your knife a few times.”

CB-01 CHROMA Butcher Board Bamboo

CB-01 CHROMA Butcher Board Bamboo
30 x 45 x 5 cm

CB-02 CHROMA Butcher Board Guminoki

CB-02 CHROMA Butcher Board Guminoki
30 x 40 x 5 cm

CB-03 CHROMA Butcher Board Set

 chroma schneidebrett set guminoki
CB-03 CHROMA Butcher Board Set Guminoki
1. Board 40 x 5 x 26 cm
2. Board 37,5 x 2,5 x 26 cm

P-39 CHROMA Type 301, Zester, 18 cm

P-39 CHROMA Zester
P-39 CHROMA type301          
Zester, 18 cm, Design by CHROMA
18 cm 

P-31 CHROMA kitchen scissors

 GD-01 CHROMA kitchen scissors
P-31 CHROMA kitchen scissors
22,5 cm

The Asimmetrica P-31 kitchen and poultry shears rest in the hand beautifully and comfortably. This multiple purpose instrument is good for all household, hobby or garden jobs.

Because of their asymmetrical geometry, their special blade and serrated design, these shears are very well suited for cutting poultry. In addition, they function as a bottle opener and a wire cutter.

With serrations on the inner side of the shanks, caps and corks can be loosened without difficulty. The shears can be disassembled very simply for easy and thorough cleaning, and they are safe in dishwashers as well. P-31 is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed use.

P-32 CHROMA tweezer tongs


P-32 CHROMA tweezer tongs
33 cm

Dozens of uses come to mind for the P-32 CHROMA kitchen tongs.

Classic applications include turning over food that is cooking in the frying-pan, and sorting and decorating fine foods on the plate with pinpoint accuracy.

Once you have begun to use our kitchen tongs in your kitchen, you won’t want to neglect using the P-32 for other purposes. Whenever it’s too hot or too cold to touch something, too fatty, too unpleasant or unhygienic, you can use this insensitive extension of your hand.

Anyone who has burned their fingers when taking a hot coffee pod out of the machine will love the tongs. If you want to remove a piece of eggshell from the frying-pan or pick a noodle out of hot water to check it, you can use these tongs.

 These professional kitchen tongs are indispensable for the amateur and for the professional chef. 

P-33 CHROMA fish bone tweezer


P-33 CHROMA fish bone tweezer
15 cm

The P-33 fishbone tongs are the little sister to the P-32  kitchen tongs. Their use allows you to deal with fish – and more – beautifully

Whether you want to pick out bones or individual  scales from fish, or quills from poultry, with our tongs you can manipulate a great number of things which you remove from your food in preparation for perfect enjoyment.

The broad grippers close exactly, allowing you to work with precision. The gill-like fluting on the sides of the P-33 permits the tongs to rest safely and comfortably in the hand and thus makes your work easier. The tongs are safe for use  in dishwashers. 

CM-01 CHROMA magnetic rack

 CM-01 CHROMA magnetic rack
CM-01 CHROMA magnetic rack
47 x 5 x 1 cm

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