Florin Ilie, Timissoara

At an event of CHROMA Cnife Balkan, Chef Florin Illie showed his and Chroma Cnives skills


James Mackenzie

James Mackenzie at the Pipe and Glass, South Dalton, Yorkshire, HU17 7PN

James Mackenzie and his team at The Pipe and Glass have been using the Chroma Type 301 knives since early 2023.
"The handle makes the 301's really comfortable to use. They are very sharp and stay very sharp for a long time. We like them a lot."

The Pipe and Glass has been awarded some of the country's top culinary prizes, including a Michelin star, held since 2010, and the coveted title of Good Pub Guide National Dining Pub of the Year.


Visit the British Importer website for more information about type 301 cnives in UK


HAIKU knives now handled by CHROMA France

H 05

It is very difficult to give the necessary attention to all series of knives. For this reason, we have decided to let CHROMA France distribute the more traditional knife series such as HAIKU or Ryoma Sakamoto worldwide with immediate effect. The distribution of CHROMA type301, turbo and Dorimu remains with cnife GmbH. We believe, this is better for all knife series!

B 07

Confucius says ...

... Product piracy is a compliment to the original manufacturer
http://shop.reao-kitchen.com/ Advertisement for counterfeit CHROMA type301 at Yangkeduo sales portal

Confucius is often quoted like this or similar. But we do not see this as a compliment. Currently, our CHROMA type 301 - P-22 are copied in at least two Chinese factories in Canton and Yangjiang in a terrible quality. Sales are going quite well via various online platforms. One platform reports 4000 knives sold of the P-22 alone! The steel is a Chinese cheap steel, which should not be sold in Europe as kitchen knife steel, because it does not meet the ISO for regrindable knives. The steel is so soft that it is virtually impossible to sharpen it.
Of course, legal action is on the way!
In the People's Republic of China, you can get our Chroma type 301 only in specialized stores or directly from the importer, REAO Kitchen --> http://shop.reao-kitchen.com/

Swedish Importer sold to Storskogen

Storskogen has acquired a 95 percent stake in Vikingsun AB, a company that distributes and marketshigh quality kitchenware - i.e. CHROMAs type 301, for home and for professionals. The company reported a turnover of SEK 59m and an EBITA of SEK 10m for 2020, with a strong underlying growth during 2021. Vikingsun was founded in 1994 by Johan Almling and focuses on Japanese knives and other top-quality kitchenware both for the home and professional kitchens. Some of Sweden’s biggest retailers and e-tailers for kitchenware are found among the company’s customers. The product offering primarily consist of Japanese knives and lightweight cast iron pans and pots, but also consists of mandolines, ceramic knives, tea pots, cutting boards and more. The products are marketed under the own brand Satake as well as other well-known external brands such as Chroma Cnife, Continenta Senzo, Mcusta Zanmai and many other. “With Storskogen we will get stronger muscles and all of our personnel who have helped build Vikingsun to become the successful company it is today will remain in the business. For me personally it is a success to let Storskogen take over.” says Johan Almling, co-founder of Vikingsun. Vikingsun is today headed by its CEO and co-owner Gabriel Gustafsson. “Our vision is for Vikingsun to be the most innovative and inspiring lifestyle company for professionals and kitchens at home. With Storskogen we will continue our constant work to develop and market products that inspires the social experience around cooking which we strongly believe is a pillar in peoples joy and health. Our engaged personnel possess a lot of knowledge and creativity that will contribute to making Satake the market’s strongest and most complete brand within premium kitchenware,” says Gabriel Gustafsson, CEO and co-owner of Vikingsun. The company will be part of Storskogen's business vertical Brands, in the business area Trade, for which Christer Hansson is responsible. Founder Gunilla and Johan Almling are now living mainly in Lagos, Portugal.

Last one Laughing


The popular German TV show LOL uses Chroma type 301 in their kitchen! The TV people must have good knife knowledge! We found out accidentaly!

Fabrice Desvignes is the new chef for President Macron

Guillaume Gomez has just left the kitchen of the Elysée Palace after 25 years of... "presidential canteen". The chef with 370,000 followers (one day Hollande would have said to him "what bothers me about you is that you have more followers than I do"...) will join Jean-Luc Le Drian as ambassador of French cuisine abroad.

Fabrice Desvignes

To replace him, Fabrice Desvignes, Bocuse d'Or 2007 and Best Worker of France 2015, who has been working since 1999 at the Presidency of the Senate, is being considered. The discreet and talented pastry chef has spent most of his career there, with a brief stint as an instructor at Ferrandi. Fabrice Desvignes is 47 years old.


CHROMA East Europe started

Famous Swiss Chef Albin Zurfluh started CHROMA East Europe in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary
(click on the picture!)

Chroma East Europe


CHROMA Reeh Rouge Cnives

CHROMA Deutschland will start to launch their new series CHROMA Reeh Rouge

CHROMA Reeh Rouge Packing.jpeg

The new CHROMA REEH Rouge is made from German Molybdensteel with 56° HRC Rockwell

FAZ Germany about favorite knives

THE FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is often called the Washington Post of Germany. They are writting in their Sunday edition (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung) about favorite knives and were featuring CHROMA HAIKU and CHROMA Dorimu besides some other brands as KAI, Wusthof and Kasumi.

Due to copyright issues we are not allowed to place a photo of the article here!


Read the full Article in FAZ - www.FAZ.de

Pyun-staurant - Korean TV-Show

Screen Shots (deleted, we don't have the right to post them, sorry!) from the popular weekly culinary Show "Pyun-staurant" in Korean TV




The sharpness of Chroma Cnives is liked in Korea too! The Chefs in the popular Show Pyun-staurant work with CHROMA's Type 301 cnives. The chefs develop new dishes in this show.

Very good Shop in Paris

We like the window display of toc Paris!
When in Paris it is worth to stop in TOC to see all the professional items for the better kitchen!

TOC = Trouble Obsessionel Culinaire

11 Avenue du Maine

75015 - Paris (Montparnasse)

Tél : +33142229117
Mondays and Sundays closed!
Other days from 10 - 7 p.m.

Jörg Wörther has died

Jorg_Worther_has_died.jpgThe chef was one of the most important in the country. He died at the age of 62.

"Joerg Wörther is dead and it is a great loss. He had a talent that was so extraordinary that even today one must say: from his way of cooking we can all still learn. Like no chef I know, he possessed the ability to cook a sensationally clear and light cuisine, which perfectly implemented the rules of product quality and product concentration, of finesse and at the same time perfectly staging the aromas. Every chef knows how difficult it is to get everything together in such a way that you can concentrate on the core of the matter. Jörg Wörther had the ability to taste in other dimensions," German food critic Jürgen Dollase comments on the death of Jörg Wörther.


Oliver Glowig, Rome

Chef Oliver Glowig, a native German, is using in his restaurants worldwide only the best ingredients.  You can taste it. Michelin awarded Oliver Glowig with two Michelin Stars! Chef Oliver also uses only the best tools of the trade. So he loves his CHROMA turbo knives!
We are looking forward to visit one of his restaurants in Rome, Bahrain or Toronto.

New OEM project finished

CHROMA Reeh cnife Chefs Choice

Our last OEM project for Chroma CnifeGermany got excellent reviews by Michelin Star chefs in the German Economist, the manager magazin

CHROMA does all kind of OEM, mostly without CHROMA brand. If you are happy with your knife and it does not say CHROMA, it might came from CHROMA's factory.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dec 2019

La Bovida, Paris

The window of famous La Bovida Store in Paris
From all over the world people come to La Bovida in Paris to buy the best materials for cooking



Click on the picture with right mouse to open in a new window!

CHROMA is best professional knife

CHROMA was for the first time exhibited at the EUROGASTRO, the biggest commercial show in Poland for the gastronomy

The booth of CHROMA Importer FABRYKA Form was packed with polish chefs as they wanted to see the famous CHROMA knives.
CHROMA was awarded best Knife on the show and second best product overall                                       14.4.2019

CHROMA France at Equiphotel with Francis Batt


CHROMA France with their boss Claude Minni are exhibiting on the most important restaurant equipment fair Equiphotel in Paris  (11/2018)

CHROMA has the sharpest knives

The Dutch consumer organisation Consumentenbond (500.000 members) did a knife test for 20 cm (8 inch) chef's knives.


CHROMAs type 301 was the sharpest knife in the test. In the final results Chroma archieved the second place behind the expensive Miyabi knife.

All results:

The overall evaluation of the knife test of the consumer association 9/2018:
20 cm chef's knife

model                               points
1. Miyabi Gyutoh 7000D      9.0
2. CHROMA type301 P-18  8.8
3. Tojiro Zen Black FD-1564 8.6
4. Kyocera ceramic knife      8.5
5. Trident Icon Classic          7.8
6. Global G2                         7.5
7. Jamie Oliver kitchen knife 7.4
8. IKEA 365+                        7.3
9. Kai Shun Classic              7.1
10. BK                                  7.0
11. Victorinox Swiss Classic 7.0
12. Robert Herder 1922       7.0
13. Gemini 4 stars                6.9
14. Diamond Sabatier          6,7
15. Albert Heijn                    6,3
16. Brabantia Tasty Color    6.2
17. Fiskars Functional Form + 6.0
18. Xenos                            5.9
19. Herman the Blijker         5.5
20. HEMA                            5.2

Consumentenbond wrote:

"Good knives are sharp knives

What makes a chef's knife good? It will not surprise anyone: A chef's knife is especially sharp. Cutting with a sharp knife is quicker and easier and costs less power. The simple home test for sharpness is to cut a sheet of paper through. A really sharp knife 'glides' straight through it. In our test we also use paper, but then a pile, where the blades have to cut as deep as possible. The deeper they cut, the sharper the knives. In the video above you can see how that works.

Even the sharpest knife will eventually become blunt. But not every knife equally fast. We passed the test with the papers 60 more times to see how much paper they could cut completely, a measure of how sharp the blades remain."

CHROMAs type 301 was behind the ceramic knife and the Miyabi 3rd (8,6 out of 10 points) keeping the blade sharp. Famous brands like Global (7,2) or KAI (6,4) were not keeping the sharpness well. Cheapo IKEA and Henckels Four Star only got 6 out of the 10 points.

Also the test proofed another myth wrong: High carbon knives are extrmely sharp and keep the sharpness longer. They only rust quickly, Consumentbond found out. Robert Herders 1922 signature knife for over 200 US$ got just 5,3 points for keeping the sharpness and as the IKEA knife 7,4 for the sharpness itself.

Sebastian Frank - Best Chef

The international Gastronomy Show MADRIDFUSION, an event where the best chefs of the world meet, voted Berlin Chef Sebastian Frank as 




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