Tom Colicchio

"These fish tweezers allow you to get a nice, good grip on the pin bones to pull them out without damaging the fish." Tom Colicchio
Fish Bone Tweezers
Thomas Patrick "Tom" Colicchio (born August 15, 1962) is an American celebrity chef. He co-founded the Gramercy Tavern in New York City, and formerly served as a co-owner and as the executive chef. He is also the founder of Craft and Colicchio & Sons restaurants. Colicchio is the recipient of five James Beard Foundation Medals for cooking accomplishments.

He has been the head judge on every season of the Bravo reality TV show Top Chef. Colicchio has been a featured chef on Great Chefs Television. Read more about Chef Tom at Wikipedia

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February 2012

Adam Bennet with Japanchef

The UK candidate for the Bocuse d'or competition is Adam Bennet. Adams favourite knives are CHROMA Japanchef. He will work with Japanchef at the competition.

Nelson Müller, Essen, Germany

1 star Michelin chef Nelson Müller, Restaurant Schote in Essen, visits at the Ambiente Show in Frankfurt the CHROMA booth and talked to the German CHROMA Importer Christian Romanowski.

In 98 % of the Michelin starred Restaurants in Germany you will find CHROMA cnives, in France it might be even 99 %!

Nelson Müller in one of the most popular German TVshows, see the video on Pro7: TV-total

Imperial Suite, Hotel Ritz, Paris

Imperial Suite of the Ritz in Paris, the chef is Michel Roth, ** Michelin
This is the IMPERIAL Suite of the Hotel Ritz in Paris, France. Everything is just the best in that suite.
The kitchen of the suite is equipped with a 150,000 US$ German made "Poggenpohl" Porsche Design kitchen.
The head chef, Michel Roth - a two star Michelin chef, put his favourite knife block in the kitchen.
As you can see he loves CHROMA type 301 cnives - the best cnives!
Forbes voted in 2007 the 13,500 US$ per night suite one of the best in the world.

CHROMA Products in France are exclusevely sold by CHROMA FRANCE

January 2012

CHROMA type 301 P-30 with AST

chroma type 301 p 30 n

The all new CHROMA type 301 with patented AST(R)

This chef knife CHROMA type 301 P-30 with AST ( AntiStickTechnic) is a completely new type of cutting tool which has been newly developed in order to perfectly cut hydrous and difficult to cut vegetables such as cucumbers or carrots. The serrated Anti-Stick structure on the right side of the blade provides the development of a holohedral watery film. While cutting, the slices will easily fall off the blade and will not pile up as when cutting with ordinary knives.
This new P-30 chef knife by CHROMA type 301 has been ground only on one side like a traditional japanese knife and therefore is very similar to use like a sashimi knife. While cutting, this special grind on the blade will tend to pull it a little to the right side – this can easily be adjusted by counter steering to the left. After minimal use, you will be used to it and you will love your new knife for the great performance of the Anti-Stick Technic system.
Please note the following instructions to ensure the knife remains in optimal condition:
• Special grinding with Anti-Stick Technic
• for sharpening use a high quality stone like CHROMA ST-1000 only
• Left sided grinding is to be sharpened 80% on the left and 20% on the right side.
The CHROMA type 301 chef knife P-18 was awarded the top score of 4.4 out of 5 points and has been voted „Best in Text" in the comparative test of leading kitchen knives carried out by the famous swedish test institute „Test Fakta".

January 2012

The Observer recommends the CHROMA Cnife herb scissors

observer food monthly hatsuruThe Observer is the British Newspaper, published on Sundays. The Observer recommends our "CHROMA Haiku Home Hatsuru HH-08" herbs scissor in the Christmas Gift guide. 

The herbs precious juices and their entire flavor stay within the leaf, instead of escaping onto the knife blade or coloring your cutting board.

Hatsuru scissors are a classic Japanese tool that no kitchen should be without.

December 2011

Nigel Slater works with CHROMA HAIKU knives on BBC

Haiku-bbc-nigel-slater Nigel Slater (born 9 April 1958 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands) is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster. He has written a column for The Observer Magazine for over a decade and is the principal writer for the Observer Food Monthly supplement. Prior to this, Slater was food writer for Marie Claire for five years. He also serves as art director for his books. More about Nigel Slater: - Nigel Slater

October 2011

Fight against hunger - CHROMA SUPPER CLUB

A 14-course gourmet dinner with matching wines that lasted till two in the morning was an epic launch for the Chroma Knives Charity Supper Club.
In what is hope to become a quarterly fund-raising fixture, Action Against Hunger benefited from this gathering of foodie movers and shakers from Manchester and London at the home of Chroma Knives UK importer Franco Sotgiu.
Star attraction was glamorous TV cook Gizzi Erskine, of Cook Yourself Thin fame, accompanied by Irish food lover Niamh Shields, who The Times named as one of the world’s 10 best bloggers for her
Cooking for them on this sumptuous occasion were ex-Fat Duck husband and wife duo Laurence Tottingham and Mary-Ellen McTague, who brought their serving team from Aumbry in Prestwich, current MFDF Restaurant of the Year.

Among the impressed punters was a man no stranger to culinary innovation, Aiden Byrne, the youngest chef ever to win a Michelin star.
Franco's own foodie credentials were emphasised by the presence on the menu of pork from his own pigs. Supper club guest were introduced to the current batch at the bottom of his garden!
In-demand Gizzi, with several new TV projects on the go including one mooted as Masterchef meet The Apprentice, was rushing back from her brush with the Aumbry Scotch egg to judge – what else – a Scotch egg contest with 44 competitors.
We’ll keep you in touch about plans for the next Chroma Charity Supper Club. Chroma Cnives and their various allied brands are essential kit for top chefs. Visit:

October 2011

CHROMA type 301 cnives are the best

best in knife test randIn March 2011 the Swedish Test institute “Test Fakta” (test facts) carried out comparative tests of leading kitchen knives including Chroma Type 301, which was awarded the top score of 4.4 of a possible 5 points. Runners-up included the OBH knife by Nordica with 3.9 points, the Global G2 with 3.7, and the MAC MBK-85 with 3.4 points and the relatively cheap Fiskars ‘Functional Form’ coming in last place with 3 points. Making Chroma the clear winners by a substantial margin. Read the full test about the best knife ...

March 2011

CHROMA type 301 in Heston Blumenthal's London Restaurant

Chroma type 301 cnives are now being used in the kitchen of Heston's new restaurant "Dinner by Heston" at the Mandarin Oriental in London. The restaurants has a special table called "Chef's table" where for a premium price the diners are almost in the kitchen with a good view of Chroma knives!

March 2011

Catalogues for download

Catalogue for download

We have now a catalogue with all our products for download
Chroma Cnife


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German test institute certified HAIKU Santoku "good"

German test institute certified HAIKU Santoku "good" The German government consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest is famous in Germany for its test, published in advertisement free "TEST" magazine. The tests are considered hard but fair by the German audience. HAIKU was rated 1,9 (= good). Only one German made knife was slightly better with 1,8, which is due to the fact that the German knife could be washed in a dishwasher and HAIKU can not.

January 2008

Be aware of counterfeit type 301 block sets

Be aware of counterfeit type 301 block sets

Good things are always copied. Especially our CHROMA type 301 blocks. Be aware of the fakes, they are easy to spot. On the box it just says "PORSCHE" and it also contains a pair of cheap scissors. On the real product you can always read "Design by F.A. Porsche"! These block sets can be found on the internet.

November 2006

Gold at Bocuse d'or 2007 - HAIKU did it again

Gold at Bocuse d'or 2007 - HAIKU did it again!

Again HAIKU received gold at the most prestige cooking competition in the world in Lyon, France. Again, CHROMA was the most used cnife brand at the competion. Besides winner Frabrice Desvigne (CHROMA HAIKU) 6 other teams were using CHROMA HAIKU cnives and 6 teams CHROMA type301 cnives. Third place winner Frank Giovannini (Switzerland) used CHROMA type 301.

February 2007

Pastry knife for most popular TV Chef in Germany

Tim Mälzer is the most popular TV chef in Germany. His favorite knives, used as well in his daily show, are CHROMA HAIKU knives. Mr. Mälzer and the German CHROMA importer "" joint for the charity project " Cuisinier du Coeur " (=chef with a heart). CHROMA produced 900 knives, which are sold for the "Chef with a heart" charity, who will sponsor 180 scholarships for children living in Brasilian slums. A school of the Franciscan Brotherhood will educate the children to become cooks.  

CHROMA Cutlery is producing for several companies high class cutlery.

October 2006

New knife range by Ferran Adria

Ferran Adria, Executive Chef of the best restaurant in the world, El Bulli, has appointed CHROMA CUTLERY as his favourite knife manufacturer to produce the new knife line " FACES by Ferran Adria ", which he developed together with one of the best Spanish designer, Antoni Arola and German knife expert Christian Romanowski. The concept bases on Adrias ideas for the perfect knife, the design was done by Ariola and Romanowski was responsible for the technical aspects.
The new range will be launched with four basic knives in the end of 2006.

July 2006

Bocuse d'or

The most important competition for Gourmet Chefs is the prestigious Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France. The last competition took place during January 2005.

Bocuse d'Or was founded by the best living chef, Paul Bocuse himself. Each year the competition has become larger and more notable. The atmosphere at this competition is like at a baseball game. Several thousand fans are cheering their teams. Here you find some photos.

For CHROMA this year, the Bocuse d'Or was a wonderful surprise. Half of the 24 qualifying countries were using our knives! This is the best proof for us that the quality of our products is outstanding and used by top chefs around the world.

The winners of 2005:
1. winner: Serge Vieira, France (HAIKU knives) - 20.000 Euro
2. winner: Tom Victor Gausdal, Norway (Type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche) - 15.000 Euro
3. winner: Rasmus Kofoed, Denmark - 10.000 Euro
Best meat award: Petteri Luoto, Finland, (Type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche)
Best fish award : Jonas Dahlbom, Schweden
Best Commis: Elena Sportelli, Italia, (Type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche)
Links: Official Bocuse d'Or site, all particpating countries and their ranking


CHROMA does not compensate any endorsement to a chef for using their products!

Messe Frankfurt Ambiente 2006

Our booth at Messe Frankfurt Ambiente 2006:


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