RESTAURANT AQUA, Wolfsburg Germany

Sven Elverfeld & Team
Restaurant Aqua ***, Wolfsburg, Germany
In this week the Michelin confirmed the 3 stars of Restaurant Aqua in Wolfsburg. The chefs only wants the best. Head chef Sven Elverfeld uses CHROMA HAIKU Damascus knives as well as CCC. His crew uses type 301 cnives and CCC.
The restaurant is in a Ritz-Carlton at VW Autostadt, a park dedicated to the 10 brands of cars Volkswagen has.
Wolfsburg is just one hor by train from Berlin.

Le bar à huîtres, Paris

The famous Oyster Bar in Paris, the bar a huitres, is using the best oyster cnife, the Chroma type 301 oyster knife!
November 2012

Paul van der Bunt

Paul van der Bunt
Gault Millau Netherlands CHEF OF THE YEAR 2013, Paul van der Bunt, Restaurant De Leuf in Ubachsberg, demonstrate the sharpness of his favourite cnife! It is a CHROMA type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche
Dear children, even it is NOT a trick, please do not copy at home!

Le Parisien

Paris' largest daily newspaper about our superb CHROMA HAIKU cnife                                                                    November 2012

A cut above - the 5 best knives

A cut above
The British magazine DURRANTS writes about the 5 knives every man should have. They recommended the type 301 fileting cnife as well as the HAIKU paring cnife. Sept 1st, 2012

CHROMA HAIKU Kurouchi Tattoo

CHROMA HAIKU Kurouchi Tattoo
We found this nice picture on the facebook site of our German importer. A chef has a tattoo with CHROMA HAIKU Kurouchi!
German speaking cnife friends can read a lot on the facebook site or the homepage of

Heinz Beck is the best chef in Europe

Heinz Beck, the best Chef of EuropeHeinz Beck, three star chef in La Pergola Restaurant Rome, was voted by the community as best Continetal Europe Chef 2012 and the 6th best in the world.
Chef Heinz, on the photo talking with Christian Romanowski, is trusting everyday CHROMAs type 301 kitchen cnives. In the hand he holds the new ProCuTe spice cutter, which he is going to test.
Congratulations, Chef Heinz!

BBQ Champions with CHROMA

The BBQ Champions
Michael Hoffmann and his team "Gut Glut" are the most successfull BBQ team in Germany. 2008 and 2009 they became World champion in BBQ. 2012 they won clearly the German barbecue masters.
Hoffmann and his team only use the best tools. For cutting GUT GLUT are using the award winning cnives of CHROMA type 301 - Design by F.A. Porsche.

July 2012

Cnives and accessories of 750,000 US$ stolen - the German CHROMA importer - had a very special TV appearance. After a spectacular burglary in Wildau, Brandenburg, the large state owned MDR television helped to search for the stolen cnives. A huge TV crew and several actors copied the burglary for the MDR TV-show "cops live". This way the police hope to find the gangsters. So far still without any success.
the now empty show room of in Wildau - near Berlin

Besides Chroma type 301 cnives, Japanchef, Haiku and Kurouchi all hand-forged cnives from Pro Series and Haiku Itamae were stolen.  Five of the world famous Okishiba knives - each cnife retails for 30000 US$ - are also stolen. The burglars did not take Global knives.

Until now, month after the burglary, there is still no trace of the offenders.If you are offered some too cheap CHROMA cnives, please inform the police or contact in Germany. They have a 1000 Euro reward for relevant information that leads to the arrest of the offenders and brings the stolen goods back. Further information in German language as well as photos to be seen at the website

F.A. Porsche dies

CHROMA is mourning Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The Honorary President of the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG died on 5 April 2012 in Salzburg, aged 76.


Kids love their Captain Cook cnives for smaller hands at Dutch culinary show "Masterchef Junior"

Chroma Captain Cook Masterchef Junior knife

The famous TV Show MASTER CHEF has in the Netherlands a format for children as well: Masterchef Junior
As you can see, they choosed the best knives for the children: They ultimative sharp and safe CHROMA Captain Cook cnives.

Got to Net5 homepage to see video clips with the young candidates and their knives

The Importer for Holland is GHECOM

Chef-Sache Alps 2012

Thomas Dorfer, Chef-Sache Alps 2012
Picture: Thomas Dorfer, 2 star Michelin, 18 GM chef from Austria - Big fan of CHROMA type 301 cnives

Chef-Sache Alps is the most important congress for Chefs in Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. The best chefs will speak about their science.
June 10-11th, 2012 in Zurich

Bocuse d'or Europe, 2012 results

Bocuse d'or Europe, 2012:
1. Orjan JOHANNESSEN, Norway
2. Adam DALHBERG, Sweden
3. Jeppe FOLDAGER Denmark
Best fish: Iceland
Best meat: UK
Best Commis: France

Congratulations to all winning teams! Thank You for using our knives again!

Austrian Chef Association VKÖ

The National Austrian Chef association VKÖ - Verband der Köche Österreich - is now teaming up with CHROMA Austria importer "CHROMA Kochmesser".
CHROMA Japanchef and CHROMA Tradition are the official knives of the VKÖ.
VKÖ - CHROMA PartnerVKÖ is the Austrian member in WACS, the World Chefs Association.
CHROMA is imported in Austria by CHROMA Kochmesser KG.

March 2012

Copies of type 301 cnives

Copy of type 301 knives
Be aware of these copies! They are NOT type 301 cnives, Design by F.A. Porsche, but cheap copies!
If you see them somewhere, please inform us, so we can inform the authoritie, so they can confiscate those bad made copies!
For background informations of manufacturers and importers we are paying rewards!
Consumers, if you accidently bought those knives, bring them back to the dealer and if he does not give you back your money, inform the police!
The special style of the type 301 knives is protected worldwide!

Essen&Trinken April 2012

Chroma ProCuTe in German magazine Essen&Trinken
Popular German gourmet magazine "Essen&Trinken" (eat&drink) tested the CHROMA ProCuTe Titanium Cutting gear (spice and herb cutter).
All three tester were extremely satisfied by their results. Many Michelin starred chefs iN Europe are using CHROMA ProCuTe as it is far the best.
It helps them to save material as the aroma is stronger when cut.  Also they can do their own mixtures fresh and just the amount they need.
A new perfect product. Typical Chroma!
April 2012   

Fish Club in Slovenija

Fish Club Slovenija
This is from the Slovenian Magazin LADY. They show the new founded CLUB FOR FISHLOVER, headed by famous TV Chef Novak.
Also for knives the CLUB FOR FISHLOVERS only wants the best and use the CHROMA HAIKU original cnife

The Gentleman, Poland

The Gentleman Book
The Polish book THE GENTLEMAN explains about knives and shows the best cnives

Frankfurt Messe Ambiente 2012, Germany

Frankfurt Messe Ambiente

Our booth at the International Trade Fair Ambiente, Frankfurt Germany: February 10th - 14th, 2012

Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse with CHROMA ProCuTe
Alain Ducasse at Planet Gourmande TV
Ducasse uses only the best tools. Here you see him with CHROMAs ProCuTe Spice cutting gear.  
Ducasse became the first chef to own restaurants carrying three Michelin Stars in three cities. Alain Ducasse has become known through his writing and influences. Ducasse is also the only chef to hold 19 Michelin stars throughout his career.

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