CHROMA type 301 P-30 with AST

chroma type 301 p 30 n

The all new CHROMA type 301 with patented AST(R)

This chef knife CHROMA type 301 P-30 with AST ( AntiStickTechnic) is a completely new type of cutting tool which has been newly developed in order to perfectly cut hydrous and difficult to cut vegetables such as cucumbers or carrots. The serrated Anti-Stick structure on the right side of the blade provides the development of a holohedral watery film. While cutting, the slices will easily fall off the blade and will not pile up as when cutting with ordinary knives.
This new P-30 chef knife by CHROMA type 301 has been ground only on one side like a traditional japanese knife and therefore is very similar to use like a sashimi knife. While cutting, this special grind on the blade will tend to pull it a little to the right side – this can easily be adjusted by counter steering to the left. After minimal use, you will be used to it and you will love your new knife for the great performance of the Anti-Stick Technic system.
Please note the following instructions to ensure the knife remains in optimal condition:
• Special grinding with Anti-Stick Technic
• for sharpening use a high quality stone like CHROMA ST-1000 only
• Left sided grinding is to be sharpened 80% on the left and 20% on the right side.
The CHROMA type 301 chef knife P-18 was awarded the top score of 4.4 out of 5 points and has been voted „Best in Text" in the comparative test of leading kitchen knives carried out by the famous swedish test institute „Test Fakta".

January 2012

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