Sharpest knife in industrial standard test

The Dutch consumer association (Consumentenbond) with its over 500,000 members and the TEST magazine "Consumentengids" made an independent, industrial standard test.Chef's knife test: CHROMA knives are the sharpest onesIn the BeNeLux headquarters of the CHROMA distributor A'domo the champagne corks popped. The Dutch consumer association tested chef's knives with 20 cm blades in a test arrangement very similar to that of Stiftung Warentest in Germany:
The CHROMA type301 was the sharpest knife in the test, second overall. 

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On the 10-point scale, the CHROMA, popular with michelin star chefs, was 9.6 out of 10 points. The sharpest European Wüsthof was almost 2 points behind at 7.8 on the sharpness scale.
In the kitchen knife test, renowned knives such as the Japanese Global Knife are far behind the Solingen knife with 7.6 points - almost the same as the IKEA 365+, which scored a respectable 7.4 points - just like the very expensive Robert Herder 1922. Still behind the IKEA chef's knife in this knife test is the KAI Kai Shun Classic with 6.9 points.                           2018

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