Best of the Best: Chroma ProCuTe

The LifeCare initiative
The "KitchenInnovation of the Year®" as a guide to decision-making

"LifeCare" is an independent initiative which seeks to identify and respond to the needs of people in our society, in order to bring about a perceptible improvement in the quality of life enjoyed by all.

It was to meet the aspirations arising from the growing demand for trust and reliability that the initiative was founded. Though its annual "KitchenInnovation of the Year®" award for the best consumer-friendly products, it actively helps consumers to make the right purchase decisions.

Customers look for product features such as quality and functionality coupled with attractive design and scrutinise them closely before deciding to buy. A quality seal which is awarded partly though the neutral recommendation of consumers themselves commands a high degree of confidence.

In each categorie the product with the highest score is also presented "Golden Award – Best of the Best".
This is in the year 2012 the CHROMA ProCuTe range, the titanium cutting gear spice cutters.

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