Fabrice Desvignes is the new chef for President Macron

Guillaume Gomez has just left the kitchen of the Elysée Palace after 25 years of... "presidential canteen". The chef with 370,000 followers (one day Hollande would have said to him "what bothers me about you is that you have more followers than I do"...) will join Jean-Luc Le Drian as ambassador of French cuisine abroad.

Fabrice Desvignes

To replace him, Fabrice Desvignes, Bocuse d'Or 2007 and Best Worker of France 2015, who has been working since 1999 at the Presidency of the Senate, is being considered. The discreet and talented pastry chef has spent most of his career there, with a brief stint as an instructor at Ferrandi. Fabrice Desvignes is 47 years old.

For those who do not know it yet, the Senate (not the restaurant of the senators, the one of the President, who lunches only at noon), is considered as one of the best kitchens in France. Four "Meilleurs Ouvriers" (Best Craftsmen) work there, a record: the doyen Gilles Poyac, Jérôme le Minier (MOF 2004), Pascal Grière (MOF 2004) and Fabrice. What distinguishes the two kitchens Elysée and Presidency of the Senate is that at the Macron there are two choices of menu per day, while the latter have carte blanche. We can assure you that the Senate team is exceptional. We had a glimpse of it during the Bocuse d'Or 2007, one of the most accomplished ever, where Fabrice Desvignes crushed everyone with his head, his feet and his hands. One remembers the snowstorm that had fallen suddenly the evening before forcing the team to turn back because it was impossible to reach Lyon by road. The Senate made wait for a train especially for the occasion. It was folkloric.The future chef of the Elysée Palace won the Bocuse d'Or with the Haiku knife from Chroma to which he is particularly attached and it is understood that the large HD09 knife is used for cutting at the table. (june 2021)

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