CHROMA has the sharpest knives

The Dutch consumer organisation Consumentenbond (500.000 members) did a knife test for 20 cm (8 inch) chef's knives.


CHROMAs type 301 was the sharpest knife in the test. In the final results Chroma archieved the second place behind the expensive Miyabi knife.

All results:

The overall evaluation of the knife test of the consumer association 9/2018:
20 cm chef's knife

model                               points
1. Miyabi Gyutoh 7000D      9.0
2. CHROMA type301 P-18  8.8
3. Tojiro Zen Black FD-1564 8.6
4. Kyocera ceramic knife      8.5
5. Trident Icon Classic          7.8
6. Global G2                         7.5
7. Jamie Oliver kitchen knife 7.4
8. IKEA 365+                        7.3
9. Kai Shun Classic              7.1
10. BK                                  7.0
11. Victorinox Swiss Classic 7.0
12. Robert Herder 1922       7.0
13. Gemini 4 stars                6.9
14. Diamond Sabatier          6,7
15. Albert Heijn                    6,3
16. Brabantia Tasty Color    6.2
17. Fiskars Functional Form + 6.0
18. Xenos                            5.9
19. Herman the Blijker         5.5
20. HEMA                            5.2

Consumentenbond wrote:

"Good knives are sharp knives

What makes a chef's knife good? It will not surprise anyone: A chef's knife is especially sharp. Cutting with a sharp knife is quicker and easier and costs less power. The simple home test for sharpness is to cut a sheet of paper through. A really sharp knife 'glides' straight through it. In our test we also use paper, but then a pile, where the blades have to cut as deep as possible. The deeper they cut, the sharper the knives. In the video above you can see how that works.

Even the sharpest knife will eventually become blunt. But not every knife equally fast. We passed the test with the papers 60 more times to see how much paper they could cut completely, a measure of how sharp the blades remain."

CHROMAs type 301 was behind the ceramic knife and the Miyabi 3rd (8,6 out of 10 points) keeping the blade sharp. Famous brands like Global (7,2) or KAI (6,4) were not keeping the sharpness well. Cheapo IKEA and Henckels Four Star only got 6 out of the 10 points.

Also the test proofed another myth wrong: High carbon knives are extrmely sharp and keep the sharpness longer. They only rust quickly, Consumentbond found out. Robert Herders 1922 signature knife for over 200 US$ got just 5,3 points for keeping the sharpness and as the IKEA knife 7,4 for the sharpness itself.

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