Confucius says ...

... Product piracy is a compliment to the original manufacturer Advertisement for counterfeit CHROMA type301 at Yangkeduo sales portal

Confucius is often quoted like this or similar. But we do not see this as a compliment. Currently, our CHROMA type 301 - P-22 are copied in at least two Chinese factories in Canton and Yangjiang in a terrible quality. Sales are going quite well via various online platforms. One platform reports 4000 knives sold of the P-22 alone! The steel is a Chinese cheap steel, which should not be sold in Europe as kitchen knife steel, because it does not meet the ISO for regrindable knives. The steel is so soft that it is virtually impossible to sharpen it.
Of course, legal action is on the way!
In the People's Republic of China, you can get our Chroma type 301 only in specialized stores or directly from the importer, REAO Kitchen -->

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