CHROMA Cnife series

type301 Design by F.A. Porsche

CHROMA type 301

The handle of the Type 301 by F.A. Porsche is constructed of stainless steel, and the blade is made of high-quality Japanese 301 steel. The blade of each knife is carefully sharpened by the hand of a master. Whether your interests are primarily in hobby or professional cooking, we have the right knife to suit your needs.

CCC Design by Sebastian Conran


These knives have a great shape, balance and weight for a lifetime of use. These forged knives are beautiful, functional and easy to clean. We guarantee it will fit your hand perfectly and you will love the balance of this award winning knife. Each one is hand sharpened and finished by the hands of a master knife maker.

A 07 mit Schatten 01CHROMA ProCuTe Titanium Cutter

The cutter is a completely new development based on proven classic design principles for metal grinder. This cutter combines, in excellent fashion, the advantages of both metal an ceramic grinders and achieves an extreme finenss of grind that leaves nothing to be desired.
The geometry of the two cutter components has been honed to perfection on the basis of long years of experience, especially as regards the finest of powder formation during cut-grinding, without ignoring the foll grind range, from fine to coarse.
Only a metal cutter can achieve this degree of keenness and fineness.

CHROMA Haiku - The Japanese kitchen cnife with falcon.H-18

The art of forging swords is a long standing tradition in Japan. Today, CHROMA Haiku Cnives are produced from modern, hight-grade steel by small Japanese knife manufacturers.
A Japanese Haiku Cnife can be recognized by its falcon and Meguki, the small Bamboo peg inserted into the handle of Honoki wood that holds the black cusp in place, exactly like a Samurai Sword.

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